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Welcoming a new web host

Written on 27 July, 2015 by Emily Rice

Choosing a new web hosting service provider requires a fair bit of research. You want to make sure they tick all the boxes your old provider wasn’t able to – they’re cost-effective, provide adequate bandwidth and disk space, have top-notch customer service and are well-reviewed online. However, once you have… Read more

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How to network your idea into a business

Written on 23 July, 2015 by Emily Rice

Got an idea, but not sure what to do next? Networking events are great for building connections, but they’re also a rich testing ground for shopping your idea around in the competitive marketplace. To help you share your business story with others, Small Business Festival Victoria is hosting a world-class… Read more

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30 Years of .ORG

Written on 20 July, 2015 by Karen Lam

Happy Birthday to .ORG! It was the year that U.S. President Ronald Reagan was sworn in for a second term in office, that Coca-Cola Co regrettably changed its formula and that Microsoft Corporation released the first version of Windows, but it was also the year of the very first .ORG… Read more

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Domain trends you need to know about

Written on 9 July, 2015 by Karen Lam

Remember the days when .com and .net were the only domains you needed to worry about? Today there’s a plethora of domain names on offer, including .io, .biz, .local, .tips and even .guru. As your business’s online presence becomes increasingly important, part of your branding – and what makes your… Read more

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ICANN propose privacy rule change

Written on 29 June, 2015 by Cameron Vanryn

ICANN, the regulatory body which oversees the registration of .com and .net domains, have asked for public comment after releasing a potential policy change for domain privacy services. The report proposes that domain names with associated commercial websites will no longer be able to utilise a privacy service to prevent… Read more

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Six techniques for killer product photography

Written on 23 June, 2015 by Emily Rice

When you’re running an e-commerce business, photos are vital for selling products successfully. Consumers are becoming increasingly confident in making purchases online and are often comfortable spending large amounts of money on something they haven't seen in the flesh. That's not to say they don't still experience some traditional pain… Read more

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5 ways to help start and grow your business

Written on 9 June, 2015 by Evelyn Elsted

From 1 – 31 August , the Victorian Government’s Small Business Festival Victoria will offer a comprehensive suite of services for people thinking about starting or growing their own business. Interested? Read on for five ways to get involved. 1. Learn how to sell better Small Business BIG Marketing is… Read more

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#1 Australian Social Media Brand ‘Beginning Boutique’ is speaking at Online Retailer Conference

Written on 2 June, 2015 by Evelyn Elsted

Sarah Timmerman, Founder and Director of Beginning Boutique will Embrace Everything Retail at Online Retailer Conference & eCommerce Expo, Sydney Royal Hall of Industries and Hordern Pavilion 22- 23 July 2015. Sarah will speak about Becoming the #1 Australian Social Media Brand and provide insight into the power of social… Read more

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Why we should have anything .au?

Written on 27 May, 2015 by Brett Fenton

Let’s face it, the policies and rules for .au domain names are confusing, arbitrary and burden the industry and users alike with pointless red-tape. Our current system of names is nothing more than a cut and paste job based on the US-centric top levels created by Robert Elz nearly 30… Read more

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Could iBeacon technology change the world as we know it?

Written on 19 May, 2015 by Karen Lim Sam

While there are already plenty of well-known mobile apps making use of location data as a way to improve user experience, the introduction of iBeacon technology looks as though it will be a revolutionary step in expanding these opportunities. Launched with Apple iOS 7, iBeacon is a new location-based innovation that makes it possible for sensors to… Read more

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