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Domain Manager adds redirection and DNS zone management tools to your domain registration.

With domain name redirection you can redirect your domain name to any other web address, allowing you to present a more professional domain to your customers. Looking for a more professional email address? Domain Manager allows you to create an email alias to point your business email address to any other address you please.

If your business is hosting its own mail and web server then changes to your domain name DNS zone file, including modifying MX records, A records and sub-domains is vital. Domain Manager allows unlimited changes to the DNS zone file.

More control and flexibility to use your domain names the way you want!

  • URL redirection

    Point your Netregistry domain name to any other web address.
  • DNS Zone manager

    Allows clients who registered their domain names with Netregistry to make unlimited changes to a domain name zone file, including the ability to modify MX records, A records and subdomains.
  • Alias email account

    Point an email address to another email account - perfect when you change your email address and don't want to miss any misdirected messages.
  • Unlimited 24x7 support

    Netregistry has an dedicated support team that is based in Australia and support staff available 24x7. Our qualified and highly experienced staff will be available should you need help.
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