Esuite PPC testimonial

Esuite creates cloud based software solutions for retail and wholesale companies. Hear how Netregistry has helped them squeeze the most from their Pay Per Click budgets and triple their income through increased Search Engine Advertising leads.

Video Transcript

My Names is Justin Lane and the company is E Suite and our business creates cloud based accounting software solutions for retail and wholesale companies.

The software itself does a lot, it does everything from accounting, point of sales, inventory control, forecasting, inventory planning, manufacturing.

Pretty obvious to us that we had to do something about Google AdWords, it was one of those things, been putting it off and meaning to do it and do it and do it, and finally we just did it.

We use the Netregistry team to help us advise us and manage that part of it, the keywords.

Its nice to know they just do it all for us, so it works for us, yeah.

We've had a phenomenal response, we're getting a lead a day at the moment, at least. We've tripled our income, in fact it's actually three and half times at the moment and that's just from leads generated in the last three months. We're expecting some fairly significant growth in the next 12 months.

Some of the keywords that we have are things like 'retail software', 'accounting software', POS software', 'wholesale software' - you know we're on the first page more often than not, and what's interesting now is that with the organic search we are on pages two and three which is pretty good after a 6 month period to get that high up in the search engine in the organic section - We're very happy with that.