Australia's best hosting infrastructure

As a web hosting customer, you care about three things.

  • Stability
    You need your website to run fast and without unnecessary downtime. Once your website is up and running, web hosting should become virtually invisible to you and not a constant source of irritation.
  • Security
    Your data is a crucial business asset. You don't want to worry about unauthorised access.
  • Value
    You want the right balance between the hosting services, support and features you need and the budget within which you have to work.

Netregistry is dedicated to ensuring your hosting will never let you down.

Our data centre

Australia's first cloud web hosting infrastructure

Netregistry was the first Australian web host to provide full load-balancing across a clustered web server farm. What this means to you is that your data is not at the mercy of a single piece of hardware. If one server is struggling under a lot of activity, load balancers ensure your data will automatically be served by the least busy machine within the same cluster. Spreading the load across multiple web servers allows greater speed and reliability and prevents your website from being affected by the activities of other websites stored on the same hardware.

World class data centre facilities

When you choose Netregistry for your web services, you can be sure that you are getting the best in technical web hosting infrastructure. Our data centres are located at two exceptional data centres; the state-of-the-art Global Switch facility and the recently opened Pegasus E3 data centre — both in Sydney. Running two data centres provides greater flexibility for disaster recovery and redundancy and allows Netregistry to benefit from the particular strengths of each centre.

  • Only quality hardware and software, including fibre channel RAID storage devices
  • No single point of failure with fully redundant, load-balanced web clusters
  • All systems and servers continuously monitored 24x7
  • Daily back-ups carried out with weekly and monthly back-ups archived off-site
  • Around the clock high-level building security protects your infrastructure

Solid hardware and high speed data

Our data centre facilities feature a dedicated 155 MBit STM1 ATM link and multiple OC3 internet connections with 6MB available PVC for fail-over.

All Netregistry services are run on IBM NetFinity 4500R rack mounted web servers. These are mission-critical machines, scalable to incorporate the use of a RAID disk array. Cisco and Lucent Network equipment is used, with full service contracts. Redundancy exists at every level with each point of failure protected by a fully automated fail-over replacement.

This really is web hosting at it's best.

Australia's best hosting infrastructure

24 hour management

Netregistry provides Australia's only fully automated, password-protected, web-based administration panel allowing you to set up and delete your services in real-time.

This means 24 hours a day you can establish email accounts for employees, install/uninstall FrontPage, automate DNS zone edits, and so much more. All instantaneously!

Why trust your web hosting to anyone else?

Don't risk it! Compare our wide range of web hosting plans designed to suit businesses at any stage of growth and with any budget. Combine good value with exceptional infrastructure and Netregistry web hosting becomes the easiest decision you'll make!