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Written on 04 June, 2018 by Jen McKinnon

What business can I set up from home? When Tim Ferris launched the four-hour work week, everyone still thought it was an elusive dream but now in 2018, it’s a reality for many. If you daydream about a laptop lifestyle or a job where you set your own hours, you’re not alone. In fact one in three working... Read more
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Written on 29 May, 2018 by Jen McKinnon

So, you’ve got your website up - but there’s more you can do  Your business plan is going gangbusters. You’ve followed all the steps to establish yourself in the market: you’ve done your research, you’ve registered an ABN and business name, you’ve raised funds and you’ve finally got yourself a website. It must be time to sit back, relax and watch the customers roll in,... Read more
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Written on 24 May, 2018 by Jen McKinnon

Find your small business niche Starting your own small business can be intimidating but if you find the right niche and you develop a passion for it, it can be the most rewarding decision you’ve ever made. But what kind of business would I start? This is the most important decision to make as it... Read more
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Written on 19 May, 2018 by Jen McKinnon

Have you got what it takes to set up your own website?  Websites are expensive, so it’s no wonder many business owners resort to building their own. Your business website is your #1 online asset and if you don't have the technical skills you may be putting your online presence at risk. There’s a lot that goes into a website. There’s design... Read more
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how to drive traffic to your website

Written on 23 March, 2018 by Iona Yeung

Four cost effective ways to drive traffic to your website Capturing web traffic is the first hurdle to conversions for any online business. If you're just getting started, we've rounded up a few cost effective solutions you can customise to your budget. SEO SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), is the ongoing process of improving your site to help it gain visibility... Read more
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Why you need a SSL certificate now

Written on 19 March, 2018 by Iona Yeung

5 Reasons You Need to Convert from HTTP to HTTPS Now You may have noticed a little ‘s’ popping up at the end of the HTTP web prefix in the address bar for many of the sites you visit. It's part of Google's initiative to better protect their users and this will have significant impact on your site come July of... Read more
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where to find stock images free

Written on 19 March, 2018 by Iona Yeung

Top 5 sites to find free images for your website and social pages Finding the right imagery to reflect your business can be a challenge and  it can put a hefty hole in your hip pocket. However, hiring a photographer or paying the big bucks for stock imagery isn’t always the answer. Did you know there are sites out there that host royalty-free... Read more
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find more customers with Facebook

Written on 16 March, 2018 by Iona Yeung

5 ways Facebook can help you find new customers Though Facebook is now largely a paid advertising channel, it’s still every marketer’s dream. With access to about 15 million active users in Australia, the social media channel is rich with data about your prospective customers. If you’re considering Facebook advertising, here are 5 ways you can use it to... Read more
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digital marketing jargon

Written on 05 February, 2018 by Iona Yeung

[Infographic] Digital marketing jargon simplified The number of buzzwords in marketing are endless. We've pulled together a list of marketing terms you should know in this infographic.   If you're looking to grow your business, we can help. Book some time with our team of online solutions advisors to map out your marketing plan. Read more
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facebook changes 2018

Written on 05 February, 2018 by Iona Yeung

How Facebook’s recent changes may impact your business Earlier this year Facebook announced it was changing its algorithm to ‘encourage meaningful interactions between people’. According to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, it’s likely that content from businesses, brands and publishers won’t appear in our customers’ news feeds as often as we’d like. The changes to Facebook you need to... Read more
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