Written on 23 June, 2015 by Uyen Vu

Six techniques for killer product photography When you’re running an e-commerce business, photos are vital for selling products successfully. Consumers are becoming increasingly confident in making purchases online and are often comfortable spending large amounts of money on something they haven't seen in the flesh. That's not to say they don't still experience some traditional pain... Read more
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Written on 17 March, 2015 by Karen Lim Sam

BPG: The new image format that could replace JPEG JPEG has been the image file format of choice for over 20 years, but its days at the top might be numbered thanks to the invention of BPG (better portable graphics). Could this simple new image format be poised to topple the reigning champion? Synonymous with web-friendly images and used as the default picture... Read more
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Written on 24 February, 2015 by Alita Harvey – Rodriguez

Top trends for increasing sales leads in 2015 Increasing leads/traffic is the goal for most businesses, right? If you’re reading this blog, it must be one of yours. So how do you effectively increase your leads in 2015? Your leads are only as strong as their origin. By learning the how and why of effective lead generation, you... Read more
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Written on 14 November, 2014 by Evelyn Elsted

Don’t lose potential sales – capture customer leads online Getting people to your website is one battle, but if you let them leave without capturing their details, you've lost the war. Once a customer lands on your homepage or starts browsing your products, you have an opportunity to connect. Learn how to capture leads and start nurturing your visitors... Read more
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Written on 21 August, 2014 by Verity Meagher

What you need to know about .melbourne Always wished you could have a location-targeted, unique domain name? The recent rollout of the new gTLD (generic top-level domain) .melbourne could be just the opportunity you were hoping for. The new selection of domain extensions hitting the market offers businesses an unprecedented chance to craft unique domain names. Replacing more typical... Read more
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Written on 06 June, 2014 by Georgia Leaker

Sam Shetty’s top 5 tips - What you need to know about SEO Netregistry’s Online Marketing Guru, Sam Shetty, and I recently sat down to chat about building a website and optimising it for search engines. This week I’m sharing with you Sam’s tips on improving your SEO and how our online marketing team can help you get the most out of your... Read more
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Written on 14 August, 2013 by Uyen Vu

Five reasons to launch an email marketing campaign Email marketing is everywhere, and just about anyone connected to the internet has received at least one campaign in their inbox. So is it of any use to your business? Here are five reasons you should consider launching an email campaign and make it a primary part of your marketing... Read more
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Written on 02 May, 2013 by Karen Lim-Sam

The marketer who lured Jerry Seinfeld announces national tour Aussie business marketeer John Dwyer, the man who tempted Jerry Seinfeld out of retirement to be the spokesman for one of his clients, has announced a national tour to help business owners attract new clients without using price discounts. Dwyer, owner of marketing solutions business The Institute of Wow, famously... Read more
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Written on 06 August, 2012 by Tim Reid

Five reasons to build your brand This article is written by Tim Reid from Small Business Big Marketing – Australia’s #1 small business marketing podcast. A brand is simply an emotional attachment.  It is the sum parts of all the things you do in your business to attract customers and build a long-term relationship with them.... Read more
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Written on 30 July, 2012 by Tim Reid

Five no-cost marketing ideas This article has been provided by Tim Reid from Small Business Big Marketing – Australia’s #1 small business marketing podcast. There's a common misconception amongst small business owners that great marketing must cost a fortune.  Rubbish! There's plenty of great marketing ideas out there that cost nothing except time ...... Read more
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