What is
Domain Protection?

Maintaining control and visibility of your brand's reputation online is important for credibility, but with the number of available domain spaces growing every day, it is no longer feasible to register every possible domain extension of your brand and related terms to prevent cyber-squatters or your competitors from doing so instead.

Domain Protection provides you with a real-time monitoring service of over 60 domain spaces. Receive live email alerts and detailed monthly domain protection reports which identify others who may be trying to leverage or damage your brand's image online.

  • Live alert emails

    Our service constantly monitors the domain name landscape and provides you with alerts when someone registers a name matching your own in over 60 global domain spaces.
  • Monthly protection reports

    Receive a detailed monthly report which includes:
    • A detailed audit report of domain registration activity matching your domain name.
    • An outline of other domain extensions that your name is available to register in.
    • Your domain's protection rating, hosting speed response time, and Google page ranking.