Customers, leads and sales are the lifeline of a business and with social media platforms like Facebook, it’s now easier than ever to reach clients who may already be looking for a product/service like yours. If you are interested in using Facebook advertising to find new customers, this starter toolkit will help you get started.

In this toolkit you'll receive:

  • A template to set your business up for success with Facebook advertising.
  • A step by step guide to setting up your own Facebook campaign.
Facebook for Beginners Starter Toolkit

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Learn the basics of Facebook advertising including:

  • Campaign planning How to create a social media framework that will set you up for success (template included).
  • Creative 101 The specifications you need for your creative.
  • Finding the right audience How to target your ideal audience.
  • Campaign set up The exact steps to follow when setting up your first Facebook campaign.
  • Scaling campaigns How to scale your campaigns once you’ve mastered the basics.
  • Budgeting Learn about bidding and the difference between daily and lifetime budgets.

With Facebook advertising, you can reach up to 16 million of the active Facebook users in Australia. If you’re ready to find your next client, download the step by step guide to setting up your Facebook campaign.