What is an SSL certificate?

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. It provides top degree security to your site and is particularly necessary for eCommerce businesses. You will know if a website has an SSL certificate if the URL header reads HTTPS, rather than the traditional HTTP.

The ‘S’ displays to all visitors that any sensitive data, like credit card details or login information transferred through the website will remain safe by encrypting it. Once it’s encrypted, it can only be read by the authorised server.

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Do you need HTTPS website security?

As technology has become smarter, so have the people who intend to put your website in jeopardy. Known most commonly as ‘hackers’, these characters lurk on the web waiting for a site to show signs of weakness. They primarily want to get at your data to steal any personal information or payment details they can get their hands on in an attempt to infiltrate the finances of business owners and customers alike.

These instances don’t just occur offshore. Contrary to popular belief, there are many website security breaches right across Australia, keeping local web security providers on their toes and businesses in constant need of security software updates.

Increase your Google rank

Increase your Google rank

If you are optimising your site to rank higher in Google, an SSL certificate could be your missing ingredient. Google now ranks websites with SSL certification higher than those without.

In addition, visitors will be alerted if your site doesn’t have SSL certification. This is not only to emphasise the importance of this level of security to website owners, but also to ensure the safety of Google users browsing the web.

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Does your business have subdomains? A Wildcard SSL Certificate covers not only your primary domain but multiple subdomains with the top-level security encryption. Rather than buying separate certificates for each of your subdomains, you can cover the lot with a single solution. Enquire with our Online Solutions providers for a quote on the price of a Wildcard SSL Certificate for your business today.

Can you put a price on privacy? This is one service you don’t want to scrimp on. The cost of an SSL certificate can change from provider to provider, depending on the features you wish to include. We suggest that you make decisions about security with a focus on features, accreditation and compatibility with your business needs, rather than the price. The cheapest option may be right for some but not all businesses, so tread carefully when making your choice.

Although you may have a cPanel hosting plan which includes a shared SSL certificate, this certificate will always show your web host as the owner. A dedicated GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium certificate will show your company as the owner (via the click to verify link) of the security on your site, which increases your brand’s presence and improves your customers' trust in your website.