Protect your website from external threats

When it comes to website security, prevention is key. To protect your website from hackers, you’ll need website security. This is the process of strengthening your website protection, making it difficult to hack. With new threats to your website popping up every day, Website Hardening can give your website an extra level of protection. Every month our highly trained security experts will thoroughly review your website, identify how and where your website is being exploited, and then lock up these security holes for you.

Website Hardening
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Dial up your security
Dial up your security

Website security hardening can be tricky without technical skills. It’s important to keep up with the newest vulnerabilities and time sensitivity is also critical.

For your peace of mind, we can do it all for you. Our highly-trained security experts will take a number of website hardening measures that dramatically reduce the likelihood of a successful attack on your business.

What is website hardening
What is website hardening?

We’ll scrutinise your website, identify how and where it's being exploited, eliminate threats, and then lock up these security holes and vulnerabilities for you. This work includes:

  • Applying a range of remediation services to your website, giving you peace of mind.
  • Upgrading your website to the latest stable version of all open-source applications you are running.

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