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Here we will go into more detail on how to further customise MyStore.

1. Enabling and disabling products when stock levels change

When your stock levels get low, you can disable products so they are hidden from your customers, either permanently or until you obtain more stock to sell. The steps below will also show you how to re-enable your product. 

Click 'Add/Edit Products' to bring up your product list.

Your Online Store - toolbar

Click the check box of the product you want to enable/disable and click 'Modify' at the top of the screen.

Product page

On the right hand side, underneath 'Price' there are two headings. The first, Availability, allows you to manually enable and disable your product. The second, Stock Control', allows you to specify to your customers how many of a specific product you have in stock and to receive alerts when you are low in stock.

Manage stock levels

Don't forget to click Save before you close the pop up window!

2. Converting product weights from pounds to kilos

In the far right hand corner of your Online Store toolbar is a small link called 'Advanced Options', click this to load a pop up that allows you to set defaults for your store.

Your Online Store - toolbar

In the right hand corner of the Advanced Options pop up, click 'System Settings' and then 'General' and then 'Formats & Units'.

Advance Options - weight converstions

You can also use this page to edit your currency and date and time formatting.

3. Uploading digital products for your customer to download

Click Add/Edit Products on your toolbar and then click the check box of the product you'd like to add a downloadable product to and click 'Modify'. 

Your Online Store - toolbar

Now open the product you want to add a downloadable file, as per the instructions above.

Click 'Files' along the toolbar and then 'Upload Files' to add the file you'd like to make available for download. You can add more than one file per product, this can be useful if the product needs to be downloaded in several components.

Download products

If you want to add a download limit, to prevent customers from sharing your product with all their friends for free, close the Product pop up window and return to the main page. In the far right corner, click 'Advanced Options'.

Your Online Store - toolbar

In the pop up, click 'System Settings'. Under the 'General' tab, click 'E-goods' and add limits, either in the form of the number of hours the download will be active for, or the number of downloads each customer is allowed. You can leave these empty if you wish to allow unlimited downloads by your customers.

Download limits

Click 'Save' and close the window.

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