ASP.NET Web Application Directory

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Customers on our Cloud Hosting Windows server environment using ASP.NET might want to run a second application on their websites. In order to run another application in ASP.NET, an application directory needs to be specified for the IIS webserver.

Specify a new application directory for your website

    1. Log in to the Console
    2. Click to manage the domain you want to make changes to
    3. Click Cloud Hosting
    4. Scroll down to Web Application Directory
    5. Type the directory name (e.g. store)
      Do not include a slash (e.g. store/)
    6. Click [Add]

    The IIS webserver will automatically create the necessary entry in its configuration file for this directory name.

    If the Web Application Directory option is not displayed in the Cloud Hosting page of the account, your website is not hosted on our Windows server. Contact support to migrate the website to our Windows server. Be aware, you must authenticate your request with a one off code.

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