Change where sent email messages are saved

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Many email devices save sent emails locally rather than in the cloud. If you wish to view all your sent emails from multiple devices (phone, laptop, office computer etc) you will need to configure each device to save sent emails to our servers rather than to your local device.

  1. Create an email account
  2. Configure your email device/software to connect to our servers (ensure you connect via IMAP rather than POP)
  3. Depending on your device/software, sent emails may or may not automatically save to our servers via IMAP

If your device is not saving sent emails to our servers, you will need to

  1. Determine if the device allows users to save sent emails onto a remote mail server
  2. How to configure your particular device to save sent emails onto a remote mail server
Assisting users accomplish this on specific email clients is unfortunately beyond our support scope. Some links are provided below to assist users in configuring popular email software to save sent emails to a remote mail server rather than to a local device.
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