Changes to email services for accounts over quota

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Currently if a Cloud Hosting email account has exceeded its allocated mail storage quota, our mail server will continue to accept delivery of new emails sent to that email address and try to deliver them into the users inbox for up to four (4) days time. If the allocated mail storage quota is increased or email storage space is made available (by deleting old emails) during those four days, the queued emails will be delivered into the users inbox successfully. If the inbox remains full for up to four (4) days, our mail server will give up delivery and send a rejection notice to the sender.

We previously employed this method of delivering emails to customers Cloud Hosting email accounts to prevent third party servers from having to resend emails and to also get emails delivered into our customers email accounts more quickly. This method of mail delivery has affected the performance and stability of our Cloud Hosting mail infrastructure due to the additional load placed on the mail server when attempting to redeliver emails for up to four (4) days. The standard practice amongst other email hosting providers is to not hold or try to redeliver emails for up to four (4) days but rather refuse delivery of any messages that are destined for an account that has exceeded its space allocation. 

Netregistry has decided to apply this same policy to our Cloud Hosting email servers to improve the performance and stability of our servers. Effective as of 10:00 AM AEST, Friday June 21st, 2013 our Cloud Hosting email servers will actively refuse to accept delivery on any emails destined for an over quota email account.

For more information about best managing your mailbox and ensuring that its quota is maintained below the set threshold, please read the support article: Managing a full email inbox.

Note: The above changes in no way affect the way email delivery is handled for our cPanel and Plesk Hosting customers. Any emails destined for a cPanel or Plesk Hosting email account which has exceeded its space allocation will continue to be refused delivery as it has occurred previously. The above changes will simply bring our Cloud Hosting email delivery methods inline with the delivery methods used by our cPanel and Plesk servers.

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