Classic ASP and ASP.NET support

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Classic ASP and ASP.NET scripting is supported on some of our Cloud Hosting subscription plans.

All new Cloud Hosting subscriptions are provisioned on a Linux server environment. If you want to develop a website using Classic ASP or ASP.NET, you will need to request for your website to be migrated to our Windows hosting environment by our support team.

Our Cloud Hosting server environment does not support the running of both PHP and ASP scripts concurrently within the same virtualhost. While technologically it is possible for us to configure our servers to allow for this, we specifically don't, in order to streamline each server performance for a single given language. This is done because there is no reason to run more than one web language interpreter at the same time - each of the languages caters for all possible functions you may require in order to run a website.


Our Cloud Hosting Windows server environment offers the following components for customers.

Please click on the below links for full support documentation on using these products:

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