Creating anchors in Mailroom

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An anchor is a link, usually at the top of a webpage or email, that links you to a section of the page or email that is further down, rather than a new page entirely. In this article, we have outlined how to create an anchor within your email so that your customers can jump down to sections of the email that are relevant to them with the simple click of a button.

For example:

Let's say your newsletter has three headings, each covering a large body of information. Some of this information may not be applicable to a certain customer group, so by using anchors, a customer may click a link specific to the headline they're interested in, which will jump to that section of the page.

As a result, customers don't need to scroll through large volume of information, and one single email can cover a broad range of topics. To create anchors you must first specify the headings for the anchor or link to. The following example demonstrates how to make a link to a Heading 1. You can also link to images using the same method. 

  1. Select the area to be linked, such as a heading

  2. Click the Anchor icon in the editor toolbar

    Mailroom Anchor 1

  3. A text box will appear, type in a name for your anchor. This name will be referenced later when you are linking to the anchor. Don't include spaces or  any special characters in this text box.
  4. Click Insert. An anchor icon will be displayed next to the image or text that you've anchored. This anchor icon will not appear in the final email you send to your clients.

    Mailroom Anchor 2

  5. The anchor must now be referenced within the body of the email message. Highlight or click the text or image that will become the link to the anchor.

    Mailroom Anchor 3  
  6. Click the Link icon to display the link menu.
  7. Click Anchors (the third option). A drop down menu displays. Locate and select the previously created anchor name as detailed in step 3.
  8. Then click Insert.

    Mailroom Anchor 4

To preview your anchor and test if it works, simply click [Save and keep editing] at the bottom of Mailroom and then email yourself a  copy of the preview. You can do this by clicking or scrolling to the Preview Your Email Campaign heading. From here, type your email address into the field provided and click [Preview your email campaign]. A preview of your campaign will be sent to the current email address. Click the links to test the anchors.

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