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What is domain backorder?
Domain Backorder is a service that will automatically monitor the availability of a domain name on a regular basis, and if it becomes available, it will submit a registration request on your behalf. It is useful for customers who wish to monitor the status of a domain, but who lack the time or resources to manage this process themselves.
How does domain backorder work?
With our direct registry connections, we are able to keep track of the availability of your backordered domain. If the status of the domain name changes from unavailable to available, we attempt to register the domain name on your behalf.
Does backordering guarantee me a registration?
No. The Domain Backorder product is a monitoring service that maintains watch over the status of a domain and submits a registration request on your behalf if it becomes available. It is possible that your backordered domain will not become available while you are monitoring it. It is also impossible for us to guarantee to register the domain on your behalf if it does become available, as there is no hierarchy of rights in the domain name system and when a domain name is released, it becomes available to everybody equally, via all registrars. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that we will be successful in registering the domain for you before it is registered to somebody else.
How do I backorder a domain?
Click here to back order a domain name.
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