WARNING: Domain Transfer email scam from Domain Registry of America (via NameJuice.com)

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Originally published July 2010:

Netregistry was recently made aware of a recent domain transfer email scam from Domain Registry of America, using the services of NameJuice.com (BRANDON GRAY INTERNET SERVICES INC.)

The email notice appears as a transfer authorisation request to move the domain management from Netregistry Pty Ltd to the new company NameJuice.com. The email was sent by illegally harvesting the public whois database for .com and other gTLD domain names.

The notice provides a URL to an online agreement page for the domain name transfer. (A copy of the page is provided below) As the registrant clicks to agree to the transfer, the resulting page requests the domain EPP Password, which is required in order to transfer the domain registration.

Please note, by submitting your EPP domain password on this page, you are confirming your authorisation to transfer the domain registration to another company away from Netregistry. Netregistry Pty Ltd will no longer be responsible for your domain registration renewal and registration management.

Copy of email notice:

From: Transfer and Renewal Support [mailto:transfers@droa.com]
Sent: Thursday, 5 November 2009 8:02 PM
To: email@domain.com.au
Subject: TT0, DOMAIN.com; Order # 1700000

Hello First Surname,

The transfer and renewal of your domain name, DOMAIN.com is not
yet complete at this time.

1) The Domain name is currently in a "REGISTRAR-LOCK" status with your current registrar NETREGISTRY PTY LTD.
2) We require that you provide us with an EPP Key/Authorisation Code from your current registrar

In order to complete the transfer and renewal, the "REGISTRAR-LOCK" status needs to be removed and an EPP Key/Authorisation code needs to be obtained. Please see below for instructions on achieving this.

- Log into your account with your current registrar, and change the status of your domain, DOMAIN.com, from "locked" to "active".

- Then look for the EPP Key or Authorisation Code.

Alternate Solution:
- Call your current registrar, NETREGISTRY PTY LTD. (see phone number below) and ask them to remove the lock status of your domain name, give you your EPP Key, and allow the transfer to Domain Registry of America.

- Once done please notify us that you have done so, by clicking on the link below, or calling our toll-free number below.

We will then re-attempt the transfer and renewal of your domain name.

As a convenience, we have supplied your current registrars phone number below.

Domain: DOMAIN.com
Current Registrar: NETREGISTRY PTY LTD.
Registrar Phone Number: Please visit their site to contact them

Transfer Department
Domain Registry of America
Toll free 1-866-434-0212 or for International Callers, dial +1(905)479-2533

Online Transfer confirmation page at NameJuice.com:

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