File compression and archiving

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File compression and archiving are useful when uploading or downloading website files to or from a web server. It allows users to archive  hundreds of website files into one centralized file for easy management and transportation. Please see the appropriate heading below for more information regarding the compression and archiving options available on our website hosting plans.

File compression and archiving on Cloud Hosting

Our Cloud Hosting plans do not include a File Manager that allows users to archive or unarchive files themselves. If you have files on our Cloud Hosting environment that you want to archive or unarchive, our staff can do this for you upon request. Note: Not all staff have shell access to the server and a ticket may need to be created and escalated to a senior department to fulfil this request.

File compression and archiving on cPanel Hosting

Follow the below instructions to archive or unarchive files on a cPanel Hosting plan.

  1. Log into your Account
  2. Manage your domain
  3. Click cPanel
  4. Click the File Manager icon
  5. Select Home Directory
  6. Click [Go]
  7. Navigate to the public_html directory
  8. Select the file(s) you wish to archive/unarchive then click on the Extract or Compress icons located in the top menu bar
  9. Select the options you wish to use and continue
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