HTTP compression

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Enabling compression is one of the fastest ways to improve your website's performance.

HTTP compression on Cloud Hosting

Our Cloud Hosting environment supports HTTP compression for websites on both Zeus and Litespeed. Of the numerous compression libraries available, we only offer zlib which is a lossless data-compression library.

zlib compression on Litespeed

To enable gzip compression on Litespeed, simply create a .htaccess file in your Web root directory with the following line of code:

php_value output_handler ob_gzhandler

Note: GZIP does not compress static content (e.g. .js or .css files).

zlib compression on Zeus

zlib comes already enabled on the Cloud Business+ and Cloud Enterprise hosting packages. To use it you only need to have the following declaration within the file you need to compress:

<?php  ini_set ('zlib.output_compression', '1');?>

Including the ini_set command in an include file will allow all the pages which use the include file to be compressed.

Testing your site for HTTP compression

Once you have configured your website, check to make sure you actually are serving up compressed content. There are two main ways you can test if compression is working,

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