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Different webmail, desktop, tablet and phone based email clients such as Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, Apple Mail and Outlook all render emails differently. This effectively means that the same email can look vastly different if you are viewing the email using different email software. To reduce this effect, Mailroom provides ready made templates that display correctly in the most commonly used email clients. It also has an email client compatibility preview feature, allowing you to preview how your email will display in commonly used email clients. 

When using this feature, you'll be shown tips on how to adjust your email manually so that it appears correctly in every email client.

To use the email client compatibility feature:

  1. Log into Mailroom
  2. Select the Email Campaigns drop down
  3. Click View Email Campaigns
  4. Locate the campaign on the displayed list for which the compatibility test is required, and click Edit from the Action column
  5. Click [Next]
  6. Scroll down to the Email Validation section
  7. Click [View your email in different email programs]

Mailroom users can select different email applications from the menu bar displayed at the top of the page. This  will render how an email campaign will display in the chosen email client. The left hand column displays information about why the campaign is not rendering correctly in the chosen email client.

Tip: In general, the rule of email client compatibility is to keep things simple. This includes fonts, graphics, and code. It is best to limit emails to just two standard fonts. Use font tags and inline formatting instead of stylesheets – this ensures your email is compatible with even the oldest email clients, as well as web-based email clients which don’t load stylesheet information in the email.

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