Making Changes to Existing Managed Exchange and Office 365 in Microsoft Outlook

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Making Changes to an existing Managed Exchange or Office 365 Account

Opening the Change Account Wizard

  1. Click the FILE tab

    Office 365 - 1


  2. Click Account Settings to open the dropdown, then Account Settings...

    Office 365 - 2


  3. This will open the Account Settings window

    Office 365 - 3
  4. Click on the account you want to modify and then click on Change to launch the Wizard

Change Account Wizard

  1. Enter the new account information

    Office 365 - 4


  2. Outlook will continue and possibly display some warnings, messages and security prompts.

    Office 365 - 5


    Office 365 - 6


  3. Accept the prompts as they are displayed on the screen, these are confirming security rules and settings for your Outlook to communicate with your Managed Exchange or Office 365 email account.

    Office 365 - 7


  4. Three green ticks will confirm if the wizard has been successful after that simply click 'Finish'. You will now have to restart your Outlook for the email setup to be completed successfully.

  5. Once you restart Microsoft Outlook, it may ask you enter your username and password a few times, select 'Please Remember my Credentials' and input your email address and password.

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