Modification to web hosting parameters

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Clients affected - All cloud web hosting customers. All cpanel hosting accounts. 

IMPORTANT - This does not affect normal email services, only email generated via websites


Many of our customers send mail out via their web hosting service. For

  - Customers have a contact form on their website(s)
  - Customers have software that generates an email, for example on a forum or blog
  - Allows visitors to a site to send messgaes to each other
  - Specific mailing list software allowing for example newletters
We have a current limit in place where each user can send 200 emails per hour. 

This is causing issues where either a user deliberately sends spam, or more commonly a site is hacked and is then used to send spam. The servers are then listed in global anti-spam databases.

If you want more information about RBL's and other anti-spam techniques:

Is as good a starting point as any on the Internet. 

If our servers are listed in common RBL databases the end result is that customers legitimate mail coming out from their website is blocked by other mail hosts. So your users don't get your emails, which by any definition is bad for your business.

Because of ongoing issues with those servers being listed in anti-spam databases, we have had to reduce the number of emails users can send from their websites (or hosting accounts)


Web hosting accounts used to be limited to 200 emails per hour (or higher by arrangement). 

All web hosting accounts, on both cloud and cpanel hosting will effectively immediately be limted to 250 emails per day. 

We have analyzed all hosting accounts (>50,000) and found only 109 exceeded this new limit. Those clients have exemptions in place on a temporary basis and we will communicate directly with those clients.

In the future clients who have higher volume requirements will be required to send those web generated emails via our authenticated SMTP services.

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