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Our Payment Gateway includes an application programming interface (API) allowing developers to program their applications to communicate with it. This essentially means that with the correct programming, any shopping cart or application connected to the Internet can be used to run payment and refund transactions via our Payment Gateway.

In order to create an application that is compatible with our Payment Gateway, you must first:

  1. Setup an E-commerce Merchant Account with one of our partner banks
    Our Payment Gateway is currently only compatible with merchant accounts setup at St. George Bank or the National  Australia Bank (NAB)
  2. Provide us with the required Merchant Account details so that we can configure your Payment Gateway account properly
  3. Purchase a website hosting environment to run your application
  4. Read through our Payment Gateway API documentation
  5. Develop your application

For security reasons no telnet, ssh, or other console mode access  is allowed to our shared web servers. In order to develop and debug, you will need access to local resources which may include a cgi capable web server, a UNIX or UNIX like operating system, and server language support (for example PHP) that you want to use.

Payment Gateway API Documentation (356.7 KB)

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