Payment Gateway - Merchant URL Change 2014

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Dear Customers,
This notification is to advise that Netregistry is changing the URL used to communicate payment details from your website or device to Netregistry’s Payment Gateway.
This change is due to the upcoming deprecation of the domain space.
The old URL:
The new URL:
In order to avoid disruption to your service, the URL must be updated in the Payment Gateway configuration or code. The action required by you depends on your setup, as outlined below.
If your website is hosted externally
If your website is hosted with a provider other than Netregistry, you will need to locate and update all instances of the old URL by no later than Friday, 18th July. The old URL will be deactivated on 31st July 2014.
The exact location of the URL will vary, depending on the e-commerce module you are using. It may be a setting in the configuration or you may need to search for it in the code itself.
If you use a device to connect to the Gateway
If you use a device that connects with Netregistry’s Payment Gateway service you will need to contact the supplier of your device in regards to updating the URL.
If you use the popular Anztec Carwash software on your remote device, then the URL cannot be updated remotely. You will need to contact your supplier directly to seek assistance in updating their software. Netregistry has been in contact with Anztec Carwash and have advised them of the necessary change required.
If your website is hosted by Netregistry
If your website is currently hosted with Netregistry, the required setting has already been updated, and no further action is required.
We're here to help
If you have questions or experience any issues, please contact our customer support team on (02) 9934 0501 or email
For more information, please see the Gateway API documentation and support article which have been updated to reflect the new URL.
Kind regards,
Netregistry Support Team
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