Payment Gateway pre-purchase FAQ

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How does the payment gateway work?

The payment gateway is responsible for intermediating the transactions processed between a customers website and bank. After you purchase the product, our staff configure the payment gateway to communicate with your customer merchant bank account. You then configure your website to communicate with the payment gateway. All purchase or refund transaction requests are sent from the website to the payment gateway then onto the merchant bank account. The bank then responds to the request and sends this response back through our payment gateway and onto the website and end user. It is important to note that the payment gateway does not process any transactions; the bank processes all transactions.

Can anybody use the payment gateway?

Our technical support team can only configure the payment gateway to connect to specific merchant bank accounts. In order to make use of the payment gateway, customers need to setup a merchant bank account with St.George or National Australia Bank. In order for our technical support team to configure the payment gateway to connect to your merchant bank account, you will need to provide us with the following information:

If your account is with NAB, your:

  • Terminal ID
  • EB Number

If your account is with St. George, your:

  • IPG Client ID

Your bank can provide you with these details once you've setup a merchant bank account with them.

What are the benefits of being a merchant?

Using our Payment Gateway, shop owners gain the ability to perform secure online credit card transactions without the need for an EFTPOS terminal. Because customers pay for products up-front, merchants can integrate their web site and sales database so these orders are automatically fulfilled and delivered.

How much does the Payment Gateway cost to use?

Unlike our competitors, we do not charge a fee per transaction. This means your shop will not incur additional costs as you sell more products. The only ongoing cost for using the Payment Gateway is the actual flat rate Payment Gateway subscription fee.

Does the payment gateway support CCV (CVV) checking?

Yes. The Payment Gateway supports Card Code Verification. See the Payment Gateway API documentation for further details.

Am I able to accept payment in foreign currencies?

This is supported on our Payment Gateway but the answer really depends on the type of merchant account you have. To charge end users in a foreign currency, you must have a merchant account with NAB.

By default, unless specified when setting up your account, all merchant accounts are created for AUD transactions only. In order to enable your account to support multi currency, please contact NAB. They will supply you with a new set of merchant details, which you will need to supply to us, along with details of which currencies are now permitted, so that we can reconfigure your Payment Gateway service.

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