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When building a website using Website Builder, all the text, media and design customisations made to a website are saved on a separate server specifically used for building Website Builder websites. When you want to make your Website Builder website available to the public, you will need to publish the website. When a website is published from Website Builder, the proprietary files used within the software are compiled into PHP, HTML, CSS and other website friendly files then uploaded to a web server which is viewable to the public.

Note: It is not possible to modify which domain name a Website Builder website publishes to. Each Website Builder account that is created is directly linked to the domain name it has been purchased for.

Website publishing

When you are ready to send your website live, follow these steps:

  1. Log into Website Builder.
  2. Click [Publish]
  3. Click [Ok]
Note: As the files need to be compiled and transferred to another server, the publishing process can take a few minutes.

Mobile publishing

When mobile publishing is enabled, a separate mobile friendly version of your website will be published and made available to users who visit your website on a mobile device. Visitors will automatically be redirected to this version of your website if they are visiting it on a mobile device.

If mobile publishing is not enabled, visitors will still be able to view your website on mobile devices however navigating the website may be more difficult due to the links and buttons being smaller and designed for larger screens. To enable mobile publishing, follow the steps below.

  1. Log into Website Builder
  2. Click on the Site tab
  3. Click Publishing
  4. Click Mobile
  5. Select the settings you wish to use
  6. Tick the [Enable] tick box
  7. Click [Save]

Facebook publishing

Facebook Publishing requires a one-time connection to Facebook to establish which business page (or listing) you wish to publish your site to. Once the connection has been made, publishing to Facebook will happen automatically every time you publish your website. No further action is required on your part. To connect your Website Builder website to your Facebook business page, follow the steps below.

  1. Log into Website Builder
  2. Click on the Site tab
  3. Click Publishing
  4. Click Facebook Publishing
  5. Click [Connect with Facebook]

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