RESOLVED - iiNET mail servers listed in SORBS RBL (and others)

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Resolved - 20/06/2013

The Netregistry technical services team would like to advise that this issue has now been resolved.

Our engineers have worked closely with iiNet throughout this timeto allow mail traffic through to our system as iiNet continue to work to rectify the issue with their mail services.

iiNet has partially resolved the issue with their mail servers at this time and continue towards a complete resolution.


Our engineers have spoken to the operations manager at iiNet who has provided us with a complete list of all iiNet mail servers which we have whitelisted to resolve the issue for our clients. 

If you are continuing to experience issues this will be something that you will need to contact iiNet/Westnet about as Netregistry has literally done everything in our power to help our customers get this issue resolved. 

Original Notice 

Clients affected - All clients who have email services with Netregistry


 Netregistry uses a tiered approach to preventing spam from reaching our users inboxes.

 1) We actively reject mail from servers that are listed as known sources of spam

 2) For mail we accept (and that users have anti-spam scanning enabled) we review each message and based on certain conditions classify it as either spam or not-spam.

 In respect to Item 1 explicitly, RBL's are an important mechanism in preventing spam, in general Netregistry using this technology prevents millions of spam messages hitting our servers each day.

 An RBL is a database in which the IP addresses of known spam sources are listed. If a sending mail server is listed in one of these databases our servers will reject any mail originating from them.



 Clients with email hosted with Netregistry will not receive email from people sending via iiNet (or WestNet), or alternately mail may be delayed from this source.

 Mail delivery failures are sent to senders via their SMTP, if users are not receiving these they would need to query iiNet/Westnet as to why their servers are not sending them,



Netregistry has on a temporary basis whitelisted the iiNet IP addresses that we have been able to identify. This provides a short term resolution to the issue however in the long term the sole resolution to the issue is that iiNet proactively work with anti-spam lists to either prevent further listing or to have their servers de-listed upon identification.

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