RESOLVED: Unscheduled Service Outage - Cloud IIS services - 16th May 2013

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Netregistry Technical Services team would like to advise of an outage which took place overnight for the shared IIS (Windows) services on Cloud hosting servers. The service experienced an outage of approximately 5 hours as a result, with a further 3 hour outage for MSSQL 2008 databases.

Date: 16th May 2013

Times: IIS Services: 3am to 8am approx AEST

MSSQL 2008 Service: 3am to 11am approx AEST 

Services affected: IIS Windows on shared Cloud hosting servers. All versions of IIS were affected. 

Following the scheduled maintenance performed on the 15th May where Windows Updates were applied to our virtualisation software, the cluster was brought down due to errors. The engineers spent the night resolving the issue with success by approximately 8am AEST. A further issue was discovered on MSSQL 2008 server associated with the same bug in the update release. This issue was resolved by 11am AEST.

Impact: Customers utilising the Windows/IIS shared hosting services experienced Timeout errors on their websites for the duration of the outage. Those who additionally held MSSQL2008 databases experienced Database errors for the duration of the MSSQL outage.

We apologise for the inconvenience caused by this outage and we are currently discussing a prevention of a reoccurrence during subsequent virtualisation upgrades for those web service clusters.

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