Transferring .uk Domain Names

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.uk Transfer Process

  1. First, you'll need to update the IPS-TAG for your domain to PLANETDOMAIN-AU. You will need to contact your existing registrar and request that they change your IPS-TAG to Netregistry’s, which is PLANETDOMAIN-AU. This can usually only be completed by the registrar.
  2. Submit a transfer form via Netregistry's uk domain transfer page.
  3. Once the transfer form has been submitted, Netregistry will commence the transfer of the domain name.
  4. When the Registry confirms the domain transfer has taken place (typically 2-4 business days), the domain name will appear in The Console. You will then be charged for 2 years of registration, which is the minimum requirement for .uk domain transfers.

Please note that  a request for authorisation email is NOT required for .uk domain transfers.

If you have any questions, or if require advice, Netregistry has a dedicated domain administration team on hand to help. Contact our domain administration team on +61 2 9934 0501, or email

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