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Any shopping cart website that runs transactions via our Payment Gateway will require the merchant ID and password for the specific Payment Gateway account it is connecting to. It is recommended that users keep their merchant password unique and change it often. For more information regarding password security, please see our password security support article.

How to update your merchant password

You can update your merchant password from within the Console. If you are currently running live transactions through our merchant facility, you will need to update your application/website/shopping cart with your new password. Otherwise, the password saved within your application will not match the password on our servers and transactions will fail. Please follow the instructions below to update your merchant password:

  1. Log into the Console
  2. Click to manage your domain
  3. Click Payment Gateway on the left side
  4. Click View Merchant details
  5. Copy your current merchant password
  6. Close the View Merchant details pop up window
  7. Click Click here to change your merchant password
  8. Paste your current merchant password in the Enter existing password field
  9. Type in a new password in the fields provided
  10. Click [Update]

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