VPS Hosting FAQ

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Can I get physical access to my VPS?

Regrettably, we do not allow clients physical access to their servers.

How do I copy a large amount of data to my VPS?

If you need to copy a large amount of data to your server, the only methods available to you are SSH or FTP. We cannot accept external media.

Can I co-locate a device with my VPS?

We do not allow the co-location (colo) of devices within our VPS hosting environment. This means that no additional device (that isn't supplied by us) can be inserted in to the VPS hosting environment to work along side an existing server, e.g Customer supplied firewall, customer supplied hard drive, etc.

How do I cancel my VPS service?

You can cancel your service by submitting the cancellation form available within the Console. 30 days prior written notice is required. For security reasons we do not accept verbal or written cancellation instructions. Instead, we require an authenticated cancellation from within your admin panel on the Console. For more details on cancellation, please refer to our terms and conditions.

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