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UPDATE: January 2013

The attachment in this article has been removed due to being out of date. A new VPS Support Manual will be posted here once completed.

Originally posted: August 2011

Netregistry has made improvements to the delivery of subscription support services for Netregistry VPS servers. 

While in the past extended server support was in part provided to by our third party partner Server Surgeon, today all support services are now provided internally by a local team of staff who are working around the clock 24/7 to meet your needs. 

The services and level of support offered will not alter, this is simply an operational change. You will continue to receive full server monitoring and alerts as well as a rapid response to server issues. Our VPS hosting customers require a superior level of assistance and Netregistry‚Äôs increase in resources is a direct response to this. 

The key benefits for you receiving support directly from Netregistry:

  • One service team, no duplication in communication
  • Our team are locally based allowing better timely response
  • Direct access to each server in the event of true outages
  • High availability with resources being available 24/7

Netregistry VPS Support Manual below for full details of our support and how we handle it. 

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