WARNING: Domain Renewal mail scam from “Domain Renewal Group” in Melbourne Australia

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Originally posted July 2012:

Registrants of gTLD domain names (domain extensions ending with .net, .com, .org and many others) continue to receive scam letters by post from the Domain Renewal Group. We had posted a warning with regards to this scammer in the past, however they have started to list a Melbourne address for Australian registrants in order to further confuse them and trick them into paying excessive charges for renewal of their domains. 

A copy of what the scam letter looks like is included in this article. It appears as a legitimate renewal reminder notification, which registrants often do not read thoroughly and simply pay, resulting in website and email downtime when the domain is not actually renewed at the supplier. 

You will notice the letterhead of the scam letter (supplied below) includes a US contact number for support, but a Melbourne address to return the payment to. The way they obtain mailing address of the registrant is by illegally harvesting the publicly available WHOIS database. 

We now have a way of assisting our customers in preventing these scam letter from being sent to them - the Domain Privacy service, which allows registrants to privatise their WHOIS information and still be within the ICANN requirements on the management of their contact details for the registration license. 

We recommend our Resellers to enable the Domain Privacy product on their Reseller panels, and post a similar notice on their websites to prevent their end users from being scammed by this group. 

Copy of the notice is scanned below:

Domain scam

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