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What is Website Hardening and what does it include?

Website hardening is a one off service that helps secure your website before it gets infected as well as being able to cleaning it up following an attack via malware or virus. It’s a proactive measure to patch and remove any vulnerabilities which a hacker could exploit and is ideal before any security threats emerge, as well after any major clean ups, to tighten the security on your website. This involves a highly trained security expert removing identified vulnerabilities and applying a range of remediation services to protect your website going forward. They will also identify security holes and manually lock up your website, as well as upgrade any software and check all your plug-ins for loopholes that a hacker will look for.

Once your website has been hardened, we recommend you subscribe to our Website Monitoring Service so you can continue to monitor your website for any potential future compromises.

Website Hardening cannot fix any email spam issues.

How long does it take for my website to be hardened?

24-48 hours from the time your CMS log in details are supplied

Without your log in details we can only complete a few limited steps of the hardening process

Can I buy website hardening if my website is hosted elsewhere?

No, as we need root level access to the servers to harden your website to the extent we offer.

Can my web designer harden my website?

Your web designer may be able to partly harden your website, but because they don’t have direct access to our hosting servers, they may not be able to run cron jobs or have SSH access to the website. 

How does the hardening process work?

The website hardening process is a five step process and begins when you provide us with your Content Management System (CMS) log in details. Here we have outlined a basic break down of the process for you:

  1. We take a back up of your website and store it on our servers
  2. If your CMS system (Wordpress, Joomla, etc) is out of date, we upgrade it to the latest stable version. Note: We are only able to update Joomla to the latest stable version of it's edition, ie: latest version of 1.5, 2.8, 3.3
  3. After we have upgraded your system, we scan the entire website for all known viruses and malware/sql injection files
  4. Then we run a cron job, which is where we run a script to check that there are no new additional files on your system
  5. Once we are satisfied we have closed all the loopholes, we restore your website onto the server and notify you

How can I get help for this product?

Please contact our support team for further assistance with Website Hardening. 

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