Why isn’t my email working?

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To begin working out why your email isn't working, please close all access to your email on every computer or device associated with an email account on your domain (including any staff members who use the domain as part of their business email). This includes email clients (such as Microsoft Outlook or Apple Mail), web browsers, and mobile or tablet devices with email access. You will need to keep these turned off for the duration of the troubleshooter.

Can you log into webmail?

You can access your webmail by visiting http://webmail.netregistry.net or http://webmail.yourdomain.com where "yourdomain" is the domain name you have email set up on.

If you cannot log into webmail, first ensure your password is correct. You can reset your password by following the insructions on the support article: Updating your email password.

If you have cPanel hosting, then it is possible your email access has been blocked by cPHulk. This is a service that protects you from brute force hacking attempts. Learn more about cPHulk.

If you are sure your password is correct, and you can still not log in, then you will need to contact Netregistry so we can unblock your IP address. 

If your password is correct, and your IP address is not blocked, continue to the next step.

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