Netregistry strives to provide all customers with quality service and support. Below is some feedback customers have sent us after using our services.


Netregistry has been instrumental in supporting us in the development, hosting and growth of our online business, none of which we would able to have achieved without the support your organisation has provided.

The benefits we have seen with our Netregistry website to our small business have honestly made the difference for us being able to continue a business which has been in existence for 32 years when we probably wouldn't have been able to.

Dianna Smith | Downs Heating, Cooling & Outdoors


I would like to thank the support team at Netregistry for consistently providing a high quality of service. When our clients call us with issues know that we can rely on Netregistry to be available in a timely and skilled manner to resolve the issue.

That is why we recommend Netregistry Domain services and hosting to our business clients

John Braakhuis | Bay City Computers


A great company to do business with. Attentive, knowledgeable and caring.

Rick Stannard | Dream Golf Home


Our old hosting company experienced outages every week for hours to days at a time. This not only put pressure on our business but this also resulted in very irate clients. Getting things fixed when the outages occurred was frustrating and their support was abysmal. We decided to change hosting companies and chose Netregistry mainly for their well renowned uptime and their support infrastructure.

We have used Netregistry's services for 1 year so far. They have turned out to be the anti-thesis to our old hosting company. Their uptime is perfect and any support calls have been responded to by courteous, efficient and knowledgeable people. The support personnel have been very knowledgeable and quick to point out the relevant support documents as required.

Any issue or question can usually be answered/fixed on the spot. For non-urgent requests we send out requests via email. This has resulted in prompt and accurate email support. The 24/7 support team have responded quickly and efficiently to any issues that arose in the past. Their quick response has always proved to negate or minimise outages before they occurred.

As a result of switching over to Netregistry, there are no more embarrassing explanations to our clients about why our website is not available or trying to explain nasty red error messages being displayed on our site when outages would occur. Our clients now see our services as very professional and reliable and we are able to uphold our standing as a leading website design company.

Having our websites available is vital to our business and the uptime for our websites has been second to none! This is paramount to the success and growth of our business and ultimately increasing our revenue. It's painful to remember how horrible our old hosting company was but now it's a pleasure and a delight to deal with Netregistry our new hosting company!

Bernard Somja | Director SEO Services


Thank you very much. You are always a great help and very fast at it! It is refreshing to be able to communicate with a business representative who is swift and provides hassle free resolutions to any problems. This is especially helpful to us as we know almost nothing about website design and functioning and search engines and all the tricky things that we are only just now finding out about. You have made it easy to sort out the unknown and make it all less stressful.

Mark Williams


My name is Rick Turk, I am a music composer and children's book author. I have been with Netregistry for nearly 9 years now and have five websites currently on the web, all registered and administered by Netregistry.

Although I have never actually met them personally, I have been in constant contact by phone with Larry Bloch (the CEO), Chris H., the Sales Manager and others in the team over these years and have always found them to be extremely helpful and courteous.

Chris has solved some very difficult problems for me in a matter of minutes over the phone and I am extremely grateful to him for his time, co-operation and his knowledge.

I could not recommend Netregistry highly enough for quality service, promptness and honesty.

Rick Turk


We were researching how to increase our internet sales and Sonia contacted me at the right time and answered all my queries with the help of shared screen. I felt like I was attending a seminar all by myself. Thank you Sonia very much for helping me understand more about and shredding more light onto SEO and Google AdWords.

Bilby Mani | Tamburlaine Wines


As a Netregistry client, I was given the opportunity to attend a seminar held by Sam Shetty about Online Marketing. Sam surpassed my expectations and possessed some of the finest speaking skills I have ever experienced.

Sam's experience and passion was ever present throughout his presentation and I was able to take away pages and pages of notes that I will treasure as a marketing co-ordinator. Sam talked about the importance of search engine optimisation and explained to us how to organically improve our standing in the online market. Most impressively, Sam had a great ability to customise the information to the seminar attendees. This personalised and intimate setting ensured we were getting the information we needed for our specific marketing goals and I found particularly useful, information on Google analytics and tips and suggestions on how to make our website more appealing to customers and Google.

I would definitely recommend this seminar to all business owners and marketing directors as the knowledge I gained within the few hours will keep me busy for months to come and I expect the changes suggested by Sam will have a profound effect on our position in the online market and acquire the recognition and credibility we strive towards.

Hailey Rodriguez | CHSPOS


It was a great experience for me to see the website come together. If it had not been for the excellent support from Jane N. I doubt that the finished product would have been as good as it is at present. I have to admit that my lack of computer knowledge did not help in getting the site right in a speedy fashion. Coming to grips with the Codex WordPress was not easy and left me dependent on your support, which was readily provided.

Thank you.

Josef Pfistershammer | Ag-Id P/L


Having spent the summer working on a redesign of a website previously hosted and built using Netregistry's SiteBuilder, it was a tossup between doing the job myself based on some experience of working with WordPress or having some who really knew what they were doing do it so I could have a holiday.

On the whole my project manager was prompt in her response and very accommodating prior to final sign-off on the site.

Kim Goldsmith | Ochre Communications


Just thought I'd drop a line and let you know I was very pleased with my conversation with Stanley N. this morning. I called with regards to your e-commerce products and Stanley was extremely helpful, patient and clear in his understanding of the products whilst also addressing my needs. For a lay person like myself in this minefield of online technology and jargon, Stanley was just the person you need. He was more than happy to answer all my questions, in a simple way and it was this high level of sales/customer service that prompted me to sign up for one of the products, without Stanley having to do a 'hard sell', like most sales people who are only interested in making a sale.

My compliments to you and your team, and I would not hesitate in recommending Netregistry to potential clients.

Kunal Parikh | Cleanskin Cottons


Your support people did it - I didn't know how to get my email working again. They resolved the issue for me very quickly last night and set the records up.

I really appreciate the quality of support from Netregistry.

Please thank the team.

Siu Ling | SLH Consulting & Communications Pty Ltd


Just wanted to thank you very much for sharing your knowledge today.

I found it extremely helpful and particularly relevant at the moment for both of my businesses.

I felt it was very professional and gave me the confident to develop my relationship further with Netregistry. After being burned a few times previously, I am looking for an organisation that I can trust and knows what they are doing, to assist us with moving both businesses forward this year.

Stanley also followed me up this afternoon to see how I went.

Thank you again and I hope to have the opportunity to attend another session/workshop with you in the future.

Carol Baldwin | SmallBiz Bookkeeping


My recent experience with Netregistry has been great. The personal service I have received has been top shelf and my enquires responded to without delay and with courtesy. I am very happy to have Netregistry as a service provided for my on-line web business.

Sandy Hobbs | Cookies & Cream Craft


I have been building my website over the past year with Rachel D. from Netregistry. I am so impressed with her Professionalism throughout my dealings with her. I am going to recommend Netregistry to other businesses in my region.

Thomas Lee | Boyne/Tannum Plumbing


I've used Netregistry for the past two years to great satisfaction. Their excellent customer support, incredible hosting services and intuitive design team have all helped in boosting my sites web presence and daily visits. I greatly recommend Netregistry to anyone interested in running a successful website and would like to especially thank Rachel Deegan and Angelina Potapova for their excellent support in all matters with my website.

A great service!

Ivan Maric | Auction Conveyancing


As a graphic designer with planetgraphics.com.au in the website production sector, being a reseller of Netregistry products and services allows me to provide my clients with the full package of web hosting and email solutions. They provide services and products at competitive pricing and reliable technical support that backs me up and allows me to focus on getting on with designing and producing what my clients need.

Wendy Paine | Planet Graphics


Seven years of using Netregistry's fleet of internet services has given me great confidence in their technical ability as a provider. However, it is not just their reliable technology that drives my loyalty. Many technical organisations get so tied up in delivering the technical stuff; they forget that personal interactions and procedural performance are the two best ways to influence a customer's perceptions of performance.

From the customer's perspective, the technical capability is taken for granted ("isn't that what you do?"). While downtime is likely to draw a negative response, lack of downtime is unlikely to win admiration.

It's doing what's not expected that creates the wow factor and generates loyalty in today's customers. Netregistry knows this and gets it right in three key ways:

  • You can talk to them when you need to. A competent, Australian based technical support team is usually accessible by phone with only a short wait. The technical staff treats clients with courtesy and respect and give you the time you need. I also have a dedicated account manager, Martin Chacko, who I can always trust to listen carefully to my needs, give me the right advice and act promptly on my requests, no matter how trivial.
  • They are a solutions focussed organisation. They only sell you what you need to get the job done without up-selling you onto services you don't need.
  • They get it done... fast. Really fast! And this makes it easy for me to under promise and over provide for my customers.

Chris Baker | Kallista Consulting (IT Web solutions)


Just a short note to thank you for your services over the past eight months since we initially met, and many thanks also to your associates at Netregistry who have been a great help in the past.

In particular Martin I would like to thank you personally for your due diligence and the high standard of courtesy and service that we receive from you in all aspects of our business be it domain registry, hosting and or general advice.

In fact I must say that we were almost ready to switch providers until you appeared.

Peter Mcinnes-Snow | Business & Life Coach


My experience of Netregistry has been brilliant. The most significant factor in my confidence in Netregistry has been the superb level of customer service provided. Their knowledge, attention to detail, good humour and genuine care for the customer makes the Netregistry experience a very happy one for me.

Peter Walker | Redripe


My name is Michah Hadley and I am a customer of Netregistry. I would like it to be known that I have received EXCELLENT and informed customer service from Raj K., Sales Account Manager and invaluable internet marketing advice from Sam Shetty.

I found both representatives of Netregistry to be very professional, educated, diligent and warm. As I am new business owner, they displayed great patience and understanding when explaining different concepts to me. They not only paved a smooth path for me in terms of internet services, but they were also my teachers. They alleviated a lot of the anxiety that most new business owners face by educating and empowering me through sharing their wisdom.

I will never be able to thank them enough for what they have done for me and my business.

Michah Hadley | Two Wolves


Hosting House has used Netregistry for around 4 years now for all our domain name registrations. We choose Netregistry for a few main reasons those being one of the largest register for domain names, support framework, competitive pricing.

The service that netregistry offer is a human element from the reseller sales team to support no matter what time of the day/night someone can assist.

The ability for Hosting House to service its clients comes from the vendor/partners we engage with and the Netregistry reseller program allows us to offer our clients competitive product offerings, services and support even though Hosting House is the 1st call for support and products I have no hesitation calling Netregistry for support, product orders etc.

Over the 4 years the relationship with Netregistry has grown and has assisted Hosting House to grow its presence and client base. Without a stable partner/reseller framework our domain management wouldn't be as easy as it is that of The Console system.

For any reseller looking for quality, competitive, reliable, stable, and friendly and support should really consider Netregistry as your domain name, hosting, cPanel, VPS partner. Hosting House has and hasn't looked back. Hosting House recommends and uses the services of Netregistry. 10/10.

Robert Hodgkiss | Hosting House


I had been to 3 different web hosting sites before I remembered Netregistry. Not only are Netregistry cheaper by almost half, their site was far easier to navigate.

Once I'd signed up I had a couple of questions that were answered within hours. They helped me link my big cartel site to my new domain name. I'm not very savvy when it comes to websites and html at all, so to be able to write a quick email to customer support and for them to sort it out for me was brilliant.

Jen Booth


We are a reseller with Netregistry and recently our company have been looking into what we need to do to acquire international domain names. Tim A. has been a great help to our business advising on the pitfalls and traps for the unwary in finding and jumping through the necessary hoops to register international domain names. We wouldn't have known where to start without his help.

Peter Jordan | Imagine Interactive


I started my own business about 9 months ago and I have had my web site and e-mail hosted by Netregistry from the beginning. I chose them because they offered these two services plus domain name registration, and their template-based approach to web site creation appealed to me. I have worked on the creation of web sites in the past and the template approach represented to me a suitable blend of professional design, flexibility to change the design to the extent that I needed it, easy ongoing updates of the copy, and value for money.

I have been very happy with the support that I have received from Netregistry, particularly from Rachel D. who managed the creation of my web site and some subsequent minor updates. She has always explained clearly the processes they follow - which was important to me as I wanted to understand these fully - and given me accurate estimates of the time/cost of the initial site creation and subsequent changes. I have also had good service from the Tech Support group on the handful of occasions I have needed to contact them. I have also found their online help pages very informative.

I recommend Netregistry to other small business owners who want a cost-effective and professional-looking web site that is easy to update.

Heather Linaker


I've found working with Netregistry absolutely great and have no hesitation to recommending you to everyone I know. You have always been so helpful and patient and willing to go the extra mile :-)



I wanted to forward my sincerest thanks to yourself, Netregistry and Simon for everything that you did to help migrate my website to the new servers. I was very worried when first told that the site needed to be moved as this was something that I had never done. I know that there is a process involved and it's not just a matter of moving files. Everything about the website is all self taught and it has been a huge learning curve over the past 5 years. The site was started after the premature birth of my son at 27 weeks. It has become a huge online community for families like my own and over the years it has grown so much. The site was constantly being suspended due to the sheer size and server load it was putting on the old server. Anything beyond the basics of working with a database is beyond my experience and the size of the site makes it not an easy task when migrating.

Simon was an absolute pleasure to work with. He was patient, understanding and knowledgeable in everything that had to be done. He worked through the process of what needed to be done step by step and I was given clear directions on what I needed to do to help Simon achieve the migration. I was totally out of my realm in many areas but everything was explained when I was unsure and supported with every decision that was made. There were no doubt times when he was under pressure to get it completed and it was no easy feat but he treated not only myself but also the website with the utmost dignity and respect at all times and was professional throughout the entire process. I will be forever grateful for everything that he did. I know that you played a major role in the process of helping Simon achieve every step and I cannot thank you enough for your support also.

Netregistry have been fantastic to work with since the take over from MD Web Hosting. All of your staff are professional and courteous and I have always been able to fix any issues with the site instantly after speaking with someone over the phone. I am still humbled by Netregistry's offer of support in allowing Simon to dedicate the time needed to move the site as I know that this was not within the normal support structure provided to customers. Netregistry offers a wonderful service and your dedication towards helping your customers large or small is appreciated and noticed by us all.

Julia Toivonen


I just wanted to say, I want to thank you and the rest of your colleagues for the A grade customer service. It's very comforting to know i can just call when I need you guys, and you're all very friendly and helpful. Please don't ever lose the fantastic service.

David Bennett


I have a website beachfrontrealestate.com.au which I recently moved to your hosting service. Just like to congratulate you on the great service so far. I especially like the way you make customers aware of any technical issues by way of your website, unlike my previous provider who usually denied any problems.

David Foot


Just attended NETTSchool "Understanding Online Marketing" conducted by Sam Shetty today. It was fascinating to learn how little I really knew about what is going on in the world of online marketing and also about how quickly things are changing. Thanks Sam for such an insightful presentation and to Sonia for inviting me.

Darren White | Padstow Food Service Distributors


Netregistry have provided my business's with infrastructure, personnel, and support services we could only dream of providing ourselves.

They have given us a platform upon which we can build reliable, robust, and scalable solutions, that suit a diversity of clients, and budgets, in a way that enables us to commit to capacity on demand. This, in turn, makes us versatile, and agile in terms of our business cost structure.

It's increasingly important to us, in a world where security, and privacy legislation, is changing, to have infrastructure housed and supported in Australia by Netregistry.

Probably more intrinsically is Netregistry provide a platform upon which we can build futures.



Netregistry's strength is in its high level of client support.

Every enquiry is answered with helpful and courteous advice - without resorting to nerdspeak.



Thanks for inviting me to the Netregistry seminar yesterday.

Although I arrived late because of unavoidable priority shifts, I was glad I rode the bus to the city and back for it.

Sam's discussion on all-things-Google was eye-opening at times and Netregistry's strategy to stay technologically 'ahead of the curve' quite promising with regard to my needs.

I was particularly impressed with Sam's fast analysis of my main website (and all its flaws) and the presentation of Netregistry's aesthetic 'landing pages' was of great interest to me.

I was never bored.

Reading NETT magazine is an informative read, but this seminar was as good as a one-on-one consultation.

As we've discussed, my business does have a ceiling on its income (mostly because I'm just one person), but addressing the shortcomings in my online marketing strategy (using Google AdWords and a website upgrade) is certainly worth saving up for.

And the fact that this invitation was free, and without any 'hard-sell' moments made for a generous and informative afternoon.

Thanks again.

Jonas Holt | Superhero Central


I would like to compliment your reseller department and in particular the service I have received over the years from Martin Chacko.

My requests are always dealt with as urgent and I get timely reminders of expiring domains so that I do not miss my deadlines. We have approximately 380 domains registered through your company so you can appreciate why i value this service.

Martin has always kept me informed of new changes in the markets and although he has recommended me to more personalised services within your company my preferences is to stay within his fold.

Margaret Hollan | Personnel Concept Group


With the help of the Netregistry Reseller portal I have been able to grow my business and offer new services to my clients. Netregistry has helped me greatly when it comes to managing and maintaining my reseller account. I'd like to thank them for their efforts.

Alex Zaia


I have been a Netregistry customer for over two years and the reason I am still with Netregistry is because of the reliability, stability and a constantly improved service.

The best part of the Reseller and Customer Services is being assigned an Account Manager. This has been very important in the customer relationship with Netrgistry as it allows us to attend to issues on the spot and I would like to thank you for constantly being helpful and responsive to our requests every time and all the time.

You have met my expectation as a service provider and I would not hesitate to recommend Netregistry to any of our clients.



Click On Australia's origins date back to January 1998. Indeed, Click On was Netregistry's very first customer.

Today, Click On has 2,526 URLs registered via Netregistry, plus a host of email and web hosting accounts.

In addition, until the recent hiving off of the dedicated hosting arm, many years of dedicated server support.

'I can remember the day I met Larry and Giles and gave them an order for some 700 URLs. A bit of a surprise on their faces. I think they we still getting over the jet-lag from only recently arriving in Australia to set Netregistry.' says CEO, Kerry Henry. 'Both companies continue to have a great relationship. I guess 14 years testifies to that!'

Netregistry has continuously delivered excellent support staff and we've enjoyed top service via a number of staff dedicated to our account over the years.

Click On also enjoys introducing others to Netregistry.

I've always felt that Netregistry was ahead of the game given their focus on delivering great tools, particularly via the Console platform. We've never had to chase or follow up things, as the high level of automation make things happen almost immediately.

I guess one down side of automation and our busy business lives, is that we rarely physically catch up, so I'm not sure I'd recognise many of the staff now, nor they me. I guess we need to do something about before too many more years go by!

Kerry Henry | Click On Australia Pty Ltd


Netregistry came out as the most reasonable of all the providers we looked at. The value is excellent.

The staff were very helpful in getting things underway. We pride ourself on rapid deployment. We needed an excellent hosting partner to work with us to ensure we can deliver that part of our value proposition. So far, Netregistry has helped us with a number of clients extremely quickly. We've been able to deploy a website in 24 hours from planning to launch.

Byron Teu | Sentralize


My experience with Netregistry over the past two years has been very positive and rewarding. The support has been great, the products suit my requirements exactly, the prices are extremely competitive, the reseller manager, Tony Fatseas is a delight to deal with, and I really enjoy the email communication I receive. These emails remind me that this is a progressive company that are continually evolving and improving. I have full confidence that Netregistry will continue to expand and further enhance their offerings in the future.

One of the things that especially appeals to me with the Netregistry suite of products is the fact that I can hand over SEO, SEM or web development work when I am inundated, should I ever be so lucky that this would occur. The ability to do this means the work I can take on is limitless.

My business in only a small 'fish in the ocean' which has barely stretched its legs, but I feel secure in the knowledge that I have the right partner who will enable me to grow my business without interference or pressure, and with full support and assistance.

Lisa Fox | Blax Online


We were often stuck in the office at 2am, on a long distance phone call, trying to reach a server support person in the United States. But of course you get put on hold for ages. When they talk to you, they may as well have been speaking Dutch. They'd bombard you with tech-talk and make us feel like it was our fault the server wasn't working. It got to the stage where we were ready to give up and walk away.

Netregistry really did save the day. Now it all works. We are so grateful for making the right choice all those years back!

Adam Franklin & Toby Jenkins | Bluewire Media


I was impressed with the way I could easily upload 100 products from a spreadsheet so that I didn't have to sit through tedious data entry. Wanting the store to follow the style of the print work I had been creating for my client, I was easily able to customise the whole look of the store by taking advantage of the freely designable html pages and flexible placement of navigational elements.

My client happens to be an aromatherapy business - so while she is very good at making lavender hand and body cream, a technical-whiz she is not.

A simple email confirmation in her inbox tells her when an order and payment is made and it's as simple as that!

Looking at the store at secretscent.com.au, I am proud to say that it is hard to tell it comes from a pre-built e-commerce application. StoreXpress is the kind of program that could be worth tens of thousands if you had to have it built from scratch, so the money spent is definitely worthwhile - to my client and to my business!

Trina Johnson | Fruitful Creative