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Top trends for increasing sales leads in 2015

Written on 24 February, 2015 by Alita Harvey – Rodriguez

Increasing leads/traffic is the very goal for most businesses right? If you’re reading this blog this must be one of yours. So how do you increase your leads in the most effective way in 2015? We are going to discuss the top five ways for you to increase and develop… Read more

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Selling online: What you need to know

Written on 17 February, 2015 by Georgia Leaker

While shopping centre numbers might be dwindling, online sales are sky-rocketing. The reasons for this vary: for some it’s the convenience, others are looking for a competitive price and even more are after something unique. If you can offer your customer all three of these, you’re onto a winner and… Read more

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Need more expertise? Outsource it!

Written on 11 February, 2015 by Evelyn Elsted

Struggling to meet the objectives you set for your business year? Worried you've bitten off more than you can chew when it comes to development? Don't panic – start thinking about outsourcing. Online communities, a rise in technology and a surge in the number of freelance consultants and experts has… Read more

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Redesign your e-newsletter to increase clicks

Written on 3 February, 2015 by Verity Meagher

Still using the same e-newsletter template you've had for years? Used to seeing only a small number of readers click through to your site? If you answered yes to either question, it's time to start thinking about redesigning your template with a focus on driving engagement. Giving your subscribers what… Read more

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Five simple DIY marketing techniques

Written on 30 January, 2015 by Evelyn Elsted

Working with external agencies to market your business is often a costly enterprise. We've put together five of our favourite DIY marketing tips to help you amplify your brand without breaking the bank. Create a LinkedIn Showcase Page Get your business in front of as many potentially interested people as possible by setting up… Read more

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How much are your website files worth to you?

Written on 20 January, 2015 by Michael Chidgey

Are they worth 10 minutes of your time once a week? Because this is how much time it will take you to back up your cPanel website files to a local computer.  Netregistry’s cPanel infrastructure has a built in tool that enables customers to self-manage their own one-off or automated… Read more

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Don’t have time to build your own website? Let us do it for you!

Written on 14 January, 2015 by Georgia Leaker

Building a website alone is a daunting, lengthy and stressful process and one that most small business owners just don’t have time to do inbetween everything else. Hiring a web developer means you can rest easy, knowing your website is in great hands. A good developer help you pick the… Read more

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Social Media Management: Taking the Overwhelm Out of Social Media

Written on 8 January, 2015 by Georgia Leaker

With social media increasingly the preferred place for most people to hangout online today, it makes perfect sense that you’d want to grow and engage your audience where they’re spending most of their time. Trouble is, most small businesses don’t know how to use all of the platforms or often… Read more

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Engage your audience with excellent infographics

Written on 24 December, 2014 by Verity Meagher

Infographics are big business – and with good reason. A single infographic on your website can deliver a huge amount of information in a fun format, and it's an excellent asset for sharing via social media. Humans are very visual, so by crunching information into an attractive infographic you're giving… Read more

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From Cyberspace to your place: The new gTLD real estate that you need to be ready to move into

Written on 17 December, 2014 by Jessica O'Brien

gTLD-WHAT?gTLD stands for Generic Top-Level Domain. You can find gTLDs at the end of a URL string. The most well-known gTLD is .com, although you are likely familiar with others such as .net and .org. gTLD-WHY?The internet’s domain-name real estate portfolio has been exponentially boosted by the introduction of new gTLD… Read more

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