Renewing your domain names couldn't be easier. With a few clicks in your customer console, you can renew your domains and prevent them from lapsing or falling into someone else's hands.

Renew now Don't lose your domain to a competitor

Don't risk losing your domain names

Every day, businesses accidentally lose control of one of their major assets by forgetting domain renewal until it is too late. Email reminders are sent, but sometimes addresses may have changed or customer details may not have been updated in the year or so since the original registration.

Update your contact details

It is very important to keep your contact details – especially your email address – up to date in Netregistry's customer console. If you forget to renew your domain for whatever reason and the registration is cancelled, your website will suddenly be inaccessible to customers – a very costly mistake.

Don't let your domain get away

If you don't re-register your domain quickly, someone else may choose to register the same domain and point it to their website instead. This is a common issue for domains that use generic, non trademarked terms and no amount of protest can bring your domain back.

The only time that you may be able to reverse a domain name registration decision would be if you control the trademark on the words used within the domain name and can show that the new registrant does not have a right to operate under that name. However, such instances are rare. Usually, if a domain is lost and re-registered, it is very, very difficult to get it back.

You can also log into the Console and go to "View a summary of your domains" to view all domains due for renewal.