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Every day hundreds of Australian domain names expire as owners do not renew their domain name licence. And as the demand for Australian domain names continues to grow, the availability of quality domain names becomes less and less.

Netfleet is a .au aftermarket with Australia's biggest selection of Australian domain names for sale. The .au domain names listed on Netfleet give business owners the chance to buy unwanted or expired domains best suited to showcasing their business online.

So whether you're looking to snap an expiring domain name, buy a premium domain name or even sell a domain name, we've got it covered at Netfleet.

Netregistry talks to Netfleet about domain names

Netfleet helps more people find the right domain names for their small business. Learn about how the auction site has been successful in matching sought after domains with those who need them.

View aftermarket domain names

There are four different ways you can buy a domain name on Netfleet.

1. Expired domain auctions — daily

Each day, a list of domain names is made available for bidding. If you are the highest bidder, Netfleet will attempt to register the domain name on your behalf. Please read the Expired Auction User Guide for more information. Approximately 1000 domain names expire daily and Netfleet has a 94%* record of catching domain names on behalf of customers.

2. Aftermarket auctions

Domains listed here have already been registered and the owner has decided to sell. Listed in an auction style scenario, with a specified end date, the highest bidder wins the domain name and becomes the new owner. Please read the Aftermarket Auction User Guide for more information.

Netfleet handles all of the paperwork and the transfer process making the process seamless and stress free.

3. Standard catalogue sale — domains for sale

A traditional offer and counter offer system with no end date, domains listed have already been registered and the owner has decided to sell. Netfleet has the largest range of Premium Domains with over 50,000 names for sale.

4. Backorders

Place an exclusive backorder on currently registered domain names, Netfleet will then continually monitor the domain name 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, and determine when the domain name is due to expire. Netfleet will then attempt to register the domain name as soon as it becomes available. Please read the Domain Snapper Backorder User Guide for more information. Netfleet registers only one backorder per domain name and has a 100%* record of catching contested backorders.

View aftermarket domain names

Sell your domain name

There are two different ways you can sell your unwanted domain name on Netfleet.

1. Standard catalogue sale

A traditional and anonymous offer and counter offer system with no end date, you can list your unwanted domain name in the Domain Catalogue and choose to accept an offer from a bidder at any time.

2. Aftermarket auctions

Auction style scenario, where you list your domain name for sale with a specified end date. All bids on your auction must be made by the specified end date and the highest bidder on that day will be the new owner of your unwanted domain name provided it has met your reserve.

Sell domain names

* Statistics based on expired domain auction and backorder domains successfully caught and registered through Netfleet during the period November 2012 to May 2013.