Does your site need a health check?

Most people use search engines to find products or services online. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) can help your website achieve a higher ranking in search results for your most relevant keyword searches and therefore be seen by more potential customers.

With the SEO Assessment package we will be able to offer you some insights into your current SEO strategy (if any) and suggest ways in which you can improve your website to get a good page rank that will help increase traffic and enquiries.

Your assessment package includes:

  • Optimiser report

    Detailed analysis of your website with an on-page and off-page assessment.
  • SEO expert consultation

    30 minute consultation from an SEO expert to discuss the report and how you can increase your rankings.
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What is Google PageRank™?

PageRank™ is the value given to a website to represent how important a website or page is on the internet. Using a variety of techniques, Google uses it's patented PageRank™ algorithm to assess the importance of every web page, as "voted" by other pages on the web as the best source of information. Google Toolbar's PageRank™ feature displays a visited page's PageRank™. A website is given a PageRank™ out of 10, with the most popular websites scoring 10 and the least popular 0.

We are extremely pleased with the results Netregistry's SEO program has achieved for our business. After relaunching our website, we engaged them to help us with our Organic search traffic and have already seen a measurable improvement to our site traffic and sales. We feel very comfortable partnering with them for our online marketing needs and highly recommend their SEO expertise and services.- Bhanu Loku,