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Cloud web hosting

Netregistry's world-class Cloud web hosting is housed at the state-of-the-art Global Switch Data Centre in Sydney. With the latest, most advanced web server technology coupled with the fastest internet connections available means unparalleled reliability and stability for your web hosting & business website.

You can be sure your website is always available for your customers with Netregistry's Cloud web hosting. Not only is it the fastest and most resilient web hosting in Australia, it is perfect for WordPress websites° and is backed by unlimited, 24/7 technical phone and email support.

  • Perfect for WordPress websites°

    With a 1 click-install and a reliable infrastructure, Cloud hosting is the ideal solution for WordPress websites. You can install your favourite WordPress apps, get on-going updates and easily manage your website. ° Excludes Startup.
  • Reliable hosting infrastructure

    Virtual servers built within Netregistry's cloud infrastructure mean that traffic spikes won't slow your business website, and downtime is non-existent.
  • Australia's fastest internet connectivity

    Just as we distribute the hosting load across multiple servers, we also share the bandwidth load across internet connections from Telstra and Optus. Faster load times for you and your customers.
  • Unlimited 24x7 support

    Our dedicated support team is available 24x7. We're well qualified and highly experienced to handle all requirements.
  • World-class data centre

    Netregistry's cloud system is housed at the Global Switch data centre ‐ the best, most reliable data centre in the Southern hemisphere, with more advanced levels of redundancy not seen in traditional data centres.
  • Create your own website for FREE with Website Builder

    Creating your own professional looking website has never been so easy! Netregistry's Website Builder comes free with hosting packages and allows you to build a website with all the controls you're familiar with.
  • Fastest and most resilient

    Netregistry's Cloud hosting has been independently acknowledged by Load Impact as the fastest and most resilient hosting when benchmarked against the major Australian and Global Hosting companies.
  • Install and run popular applications

    With instant access to WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento and more — creating your own professional looking website has never been so easy! More information and application support is available through each vendor.
  • Email security

    Our secure virtual servers run enterprise grade anti-spam, anti-virus and anti-phishing software to help keep your inbox clear of unwanted content. Clients can also take advantage of advanced features such as full user configuration access to Whitelist/Blacklist, Spam Quarantine management and email restrictions.
  • Tonnes of data storage

    With 100GB of storage space on our smallest web hosting plan, you have enough space for 1 million average web pages!
  • Special offers from our partners

    Get exclusive offers from our partners when you purchase this product. Find out more about the offers available to our customers here.

Netregistry Cloud hosting infrastructure

Netregistry's Cloud hosting infrastructure is one of the most reliable and stable platforms in Australia. Jonathan Gleeson, our ICT Operations Manager, explains the setup and features in this video.