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digital marketing jargon

Written on 05 February, 2018 by Iona Yeung

[Infographic] Digital marketing jargon simplified The number of buzzwords in marketing are endless. We've pulled together a list of marketing terms you should know in this infographic.   If you're looking to grow your business, we can help. Book some time with our team of online solutions advisors to map out your marketing plan. Read more
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facebook changes 2018

Written on 05 February, 2018 by Iona Yeung

How Facebook’s recent changes may impact your business Earlier this year Facebook announced it was changing its algorithm to ‘encourage meaningful interactions between people’.  According to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, it’s likely that content from businesses, brands and publishers won’t appear in our customers’ news feeds as often as we’d like. The changes to Facebook you need to... Read more
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Written on 30 January, 2018 by Iona Yeung

How to find more customers in 2018 The beginning of the year is a great time to set new goals and kick off new campaigns. There’s no better time to start fresh. If you’ve set big goals for your business this year, we’ve rounded up five simple ways to find more customers in 2018. 1. Improve existing... Read more
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digital marketing courses

Written on 30 January, 2018 by Iona Yeung

Where to learn digital marketing in 2018 Regardless of where you are with your online business, there’s always room to grow. With so much information available, it’s difficult to decide what advice to adopt. Here are a few short courses to help you learn the basics so you can still focus on what you do best. Highbrow... Read more
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Written on 24 November, 2017 by Iona Yeung

A short guide to SEO basics One basic principle of marketing is to be where your customers are and these days your customers are spending most of their time online. It's reported that Australians spend about  10 hours online daily. If your business could use more leads and customers, SEO is a long term strategy that... Read more
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Written on 24 November, 2017 by Iona Yeung

How to keep your website protected from hackers  The privacy and security of a website is critical for small businesses. It’s needed to protect your customer’s data but it also protects your website from hackers and viruses. With cyber attacks on the rise, it’s now more important than ever to ensure you have security measures in place to... Read more
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Written on 23 November, 2017 by Iona Yeung

Holiday checklist: experts share what small business owners should do this festive season The holiday season is just around the corner and whether you’re open for business or closed for the holidays, there are a few things you can do to ensure you kick off 2018 with success. We’ve asked  business experts to share how businesses can make the most out of the... Read more
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Written on 30 October, 2017 by Iona Yeung

How Office 365 Can Benefit Small Businesses More and more small-to-medium-sized businesses are adopting Microsoft Office 365, and for good reason. Since its launch, the service has helped many businesses streamline operations and enhance productivity. In fact, Office 365 has more than 60 million users to date - a figure that is only expected to grow. What is... Read more
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seo vs ppc

Written on 26 October, 2017 by Iona Yeung

SEO vs PPC: which should you invest in? Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC) are two marketing terms that often get confused. Both are connected to Google in some way but the two function differently in the way potential customers find your business. This infographic highlights the differences between the two. While SEO and PPC... Read more
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Written on 24 October, 2017 by Karen Lim-Sam

Five benefits of a professional email address There are hundreds of free email services available to anyone with internet access but there comes a time when your email address might be setting your business back. Here are five good reasons to get your own email domain. 1. It reflects how you manage your business You get one... Read more
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