What is Domain Privacy?

When you register a domain name, your details (including your name, address, phone numbers, and email) are automatically added to a public WHOIS directory. This occurs no matter which provider you use, as it is a regulatory requirement.

Domain Privacy, however, gives you the option of hiding your personal information from view and displaying Domain Privacy Services' contact details instead.

Protect your identity online whilst retaining complete control of the domain.

  • Prevent domain-related spam

    Domain Privacy masks the contact information you submitted with your domain registration, minimising unsolicited calls and emails from people using the public directory.
  • Easy to activate and manage

    Domain Privacy is easy to manage through your account after purchase. You can turn the service on or off at any time.

How It Works

The example below shows a typical publicly-available WHOIS registration on the left and a secure WHOIS registration on the right protected by Domain Privacy.