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Transferring your existing domains to Netregistry is quick, simple and comes with many benefits. Keep all your domains together in the one account and administer them 24/7 with the powerful management features provided by our customer console.

Not only that, but transferring .au domains is completely free and future renewals could save you even more money, compared to other providers.

Owners or administrators of large numbers of domain names can transfer them in bulk via The Console.

Transfer your domain to Netregistry today.

We are widely accredited

Netregistry is a fully accredited partner of all major domain accreditation authorities and leading industry providers.

Domain name accreditations

Important transfer information

.au Domains (,,,

  • .au transfers are actioned once confirmation has been received by Netregistry from the authorised contact for the domain
  • It takes 48 hours for the relevant domain registry to transfer the domain
  • While the transfer process is free, registrations within the renewal period (90 days to expiry) will require the registration renewal payment to be submitted at the time of transfer.

Top level domains (.com, .net, .org, .info, .biz)

  • Top level domain transfers take 5–10 days to complete
  • You may need to contact your current registration provider to remove a registrar lock on your domain before you begin
  • You may transfer an expired domain to Netregistry. However, if the status of the domain is "Redemption Period", "Pending Delete" or "Expired", you will not be able to transfer the registration and should contact your current registrar.
  • Requires a minimum of 1 year renewal upon transfer, which is then added to the end of your registration period.

.nz Domains (,

  • .nz domains must be submitted with the UDAI (Unique Domain Authorisation Indicator)
  • .nz domains are transferred instantly

.uk Domains (,

All .uk domain names require manual processing. If you wish to transfer a .uk domain, please complete the following .uk Domain Transfer Form.