Written on 02 May, 2013 by Karen Lim-Sam

The marketer who lured Jerry Seinfeld announces national tour Aussie business marketeer John Dwyer, the man who tempted Jerry Seinfeld out of retirement to be the spokesman for one of his clients, has announced a national tour to help business owners attract new clients without using price discounts. Dwyer, owner of marketing solutions business The Institute of Wow, famously... Read more
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Written on 06 August, 2012 by Tim Reid

Five reasons to build your brand This article is written by Tim Reid from Small Business Big Marketing – Australia’s #1 small business marketing podcast. A brand is simply an emotional attachment.  It is the sum parts of all the things you do in your business to attract customers and build a long-term relationship with them.... Read more
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Written on 30 July, 2012 by Tim Reid

Five no-cost marketing ideas This article has been provided by Tim Reid from Small Business Big Marketing – Australia’s #1 small business marketing podcast. There's a common misconception amongst small business owners that great marketing must cost a fortune.  Rubbish! There's plenty of great marketing ideas out there that cost nothing except time ...... Read more
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Written on 11 February, 2011 by Verity Meagher

Tip #7 - Improve your SEM campaign’s ROI in 7 easy steps Strictly speaking today’s top tip really spoils you, it doesn’t just provide one great piece of advice to boost your business but instead gives you seven! If you’re keen to promote your business online, then chances are you’re interested in some form(s) of SEM (Search Engine Marketing). There are a... Read more
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Written on 31 January, 2011 by Charlotte Norman

Tip #5 - Start a business blog Business blogs can act as a very effective marketing tool and are a great way of generating sales leads. By regularly contributing to a topical business blog you are able to engage and converse with potential customers, addressing topical concerns and interests – all the while demonstrating the benefits which... Read more
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Written on 15 July, 2010 by Jonathan Crossfield

Why influence + ego = marketing gold for Old Spice Jimi Hendrix may have asked 'Are you experienced?' but the @oldspice campaign proves that 'Are you influential?' is a better question. Digital marketers are already referring to July 13 (US time) as the day Old Spice won the internet. Marketing agency Wieden + Kennedy were already riding high after their... Read more
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Written on 23 December, 2009 by Jonathan Crossfield

Merry Christmas? There is no greater example of the difference between localised and international marketing than Christmas. The web, wide and worldly as it is, has enabled everyone to treat the entire connected world population as one big market - but only at the expense of local relevance. Determining whether an international... Read more
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Written on 19 October, 2009 by Jonathan Crossfield

Putting some fizz into the long tail One of the key books on modern marketing is The Long Tail by Chris Anderson, released in 2006 and recently republished in an extended edition. In it, Anderson describes how the internet has helped businesses find success by occupying increasingly small niches. Instead of selling a handful of mainstream items,... Read more
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