What is a payment gateway?

A payment gateway is a virtual pipeline allowing businesses to securely accept payments from customers and send the transaction to the acquirer or processor for payment handling.

Why use Netregistry’s payment gateway?

Netregistry's payment gateway makes it possible to start accepting payments from Mastercard®, Visa® and American Express® credit cards on your website.

Our solution offers zero payment transaction fees and an unlimited° number of transactions, making it the ideal solution for businesses looking for a long-term, low-cost solution as their business and sales grow.

Our staff can walk you through any questions you may have and inform you of the setup process.

  • - Features -
  • Unlimited° transactions included per month
  • St George & NAB bank support
  • Accept Mastercard®, Visa® & American Express®
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Key benefits of Netregistry's Payment Gateway

  • Accessible from any website

    No need for the complication of re-arranging your current web hosting plans.

  • Australian eCommerce hosting

    Rapid secure payment processing and hosting reliability.

  • Zero transaction fees

    See how quickly your savings add up with zero transaction fees.

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